Address : 3780 14th Ave. Unit 101, Markham, ON
L3R 9Y5, Canada
Canada Line Richmond-Airport-Vancouver
  Canada Line is a $2B project involving the construction of a new Light Rail Transportation (LRT) system connecting downtown Vancouver and Richmond to the Vancouver International Airport. The system includes 16 stations, 19 route kilometers of double track, and 20 two-car, fully automated trains.
Canadian Pacific Railway Rail Communications System
  Canadian Pacific Railway is a Class 1 railroad that provides rail transportation services throughout Canada and parts of the United States. The system provided by Trak Com provides the communications facilities to allow RTC dispatchers and other personnel to communicate directly with trains and field crews from three dispatch centers located in Calgary, Montreal, and Minneapolis.
Detroit People Mover
  The Detroit Transportation Corporation is owner and operator of the Detroit
People Mover, a driverless light rail system that operates on an elevated
single track loop in Detroit's central business district.
TTC Integrated Communications
  The TTC provides surface and subway mass transit for the entire Metro Toronto area.
They own and operate 2600 transit vehicles serving an average of 1.4 million riders
each work day.
AirTrain JFK
  The recently opened AirTrain JFK is a 24 hour driver-less advanced rapid
transit system operating on an 8.1 mile, predominately elevated, dual
rapidKL Kelana-Jaya Line
  rapidKL operates a number of bus and rail lines in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, including the Kelana-Jaya automated Light Rail Transportation (LRT) system.
TTC Subway Car Radio System
  The TTC provides surface and subway mass transit for the entire Metro
Toronto area.
Montreal Metro
  The STM provides surface and subway mass transit for the City of Montreal.
The subway system, known as the Metro, was established in 1966 in time for
Vancouver SkyTrain
  The Vancouver SkyTrain, North America's first driver-less advanced rapid
transit system, was recently almost doubled in size to just over 30 dual-lane
miles with the opening of the new Millennium Line.
TTC Integrated Communications System
Design and implemention of a highly reliable, fault tolerant communications system that handles all telephone, radio, PA, and paging communications for subway/SRT and surface operations from the Toronto Transit Commission's new Transit Control Centre.
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